Executive Profile



Lakeisha Pruitt, President

LaKeisha began working in the business and tax industry in 2006. She has spent the majority of her career serving small businesses and individual clients. She believes that small businesses deserve the same personal attention that big businesses get.  She prides herself on building long-lasting relationships with each of her clients.  Lakeisha’s hands-on approach to problem-solving and a personal interest in each client’s success is the driving force behind The Pruitt Group.  She grows because her clients grow.

In 2013 LaKeisha started working in the Construction Industry. She provides a full range of construction-related services for many types of projects and clients. Services including project and construction management, scheduling, contractor services, cost estimating, planning services, permit and development management, bid process, construction administration, and closeout services.

Her background includes tax return preparation, management and administrative consulting, IRS resolutions, and construction management servies. She serves a broad client base including attorneys, teachers, contractors, small business owners,  and government agencies.  Early in her career Lakeisha obtained priceless experience at one of Baton Rouge’s leading full –service public accounting firms.  At this firm she was a part of the tax team, accounting team, and IRS resolution team. Her experience included tax planning, research tax examination, and tax preparation for individuals and businesses of all complexities. She also received invaluable experience in 2010 when she worked as a contractor for a major management firm in New Orleans, La.  She worked on various projects including CDBG and FEMA to name a few.

Lakeisha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Louisiana State University with a minor in Real Estate.